Michael Wadada creator of world music legends SUNS of ARQA has taken his vast knowledge of the the Classical Hindustani Raga system, and up-to-date Bio resonance techknowledge, sound frequency analyses and toning, to open in September 2014 the world first ever Sonic Vipasana Centre the retreat is set in a secluded AndalucĂ­a Mountain location, there will be a maximum of 12 participants, where over a seven day period they will learn to recognise the sonic vibrations within themselves, correcting any imbalance if necessary. This is not just another healing therapy week, but a creative inner universe journey utilising the voice and meditational movement. Organic Vegan Cuisine,and Juices will be served to enhance the joy and healing power of connecting to ones muse. During the week Michael will demonstrate why he has been such a prolific and original record producer since 1979, by recording a suite of music emanating from group sessions (no musical background is necessary) just a willingness to let go! Michael Wadada will produce and mix for each participant, an individual and unique CD album ,which will feature their own sonic vibrations, that they will be able to access for many years after.

Contact Anjali if you interested in getting more details